bethel lake wylie green space property inspections done after purchase of property.
I’ve had a lot of questions about the Bethel-Lake Wylie Park District properties from residents in the community. When I explain about the condition and problems of the properties, they
The old expired methodology of seperation ordinances has impacted the District 2 overlay negatively. All but ensuring that the previously deemed 'unwanted' industries are forced to spread and sprawl out
Great news! My issue with York County's sign ordinance has generated a lot of interest locally and statewide. Our State and County representatives are now looking at necessary changes so
Open, Honest, Transparent communication requires respect for the constituents. As the next District 2 councilman we will conduct frequent townhall meetings online and in person.
Here's a little taste with the short sip: Signs Of Fascism. Tune in to this preview of Episode 7
I had the opportunity to visit Clover Area Assistance Center and talk with the Administrator, Cameron Hurst, and some of the staff and volunteers. All I can say is Wow!
We had such a fun time in Clover last week! It was great communicating, answering questions, and LISTENING to the constituents of District 2.
It’s important that we have a representative on County Council that understands infrastructure and planning. It’s critical that our representative spends taxpayer money efficiently and effectively to solve the most
Open & honest communication with constituents and transparency in all dealings concerning tax dollars is the only way to eliminate even the appearance of unethical behavior.
Great Kickoff event in Lake Wylie this week. Thanks to Papa Doc's for having us, the food, service, and hospitality was exceptional.
Did you know that you can apply for your passport at the USPS? All the local passport acceptance centers have long lines or don’t have appointments for weeks. You can
Enjoyed talking with Fred Caldwell hearing the needs of our business owners and how council overreach limits economic freedom and opportunity
Mayor-Elect of Clover Bo Legg. Enjoyed talking infrastructure & engineering solutions to improve the future of District 2
Honest, Conservative, Professional leadership for York County Council District 2. I have been overwhelmed by all of the support from the community. I want you all to know that I
Thanks to the Lake Wylie Rotary for inviting me to speak at your meeting. It was great to get an opportunity to share my platform with you
Thanks for your willingness to reach out and share your thoughts, concerns, and questions...I will be a VOICE FOR ALL in District 2.
Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts about District 2 Torri Higgins of the Clover Chamber of Commerce
I got to hear a great presentation by Attorney General Alan Wilson and detailed discussion by Sheriff Kevin Tolson, Senator Wes Climer, Representative Brandon Guffey, Representative Randy Ligon, and Senate
Rideability in York County. Great seeing Dr Michael Schonfeld
So thankful for all of the support and willingness to share thoughts on the state of York County District 2. I have been overwhelmed with the kindness and hospitality.
Ran into Jeff Ledford from the the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce
Andy Litten will be running as the only conservative in the race for York County Council District 2.
Clover Town Manager Allison Harvey. Town managers have their finger on the pulse of the importance of infrastructure for the growth and quality of life for our citizens
Enjoyed talking with Mary Sieck from Rinehart Realty. District 2 needs smart solutions