I’ve had a lot of questions about the Bethel-Lake Wylie Park District properties from residents in the community. When I explain about the condition and problems of the properties, they are appalled that the purchases were made. Below you’ll find the inspection reports for the properties that I was only able to obtain after filing Freedom of Information Act requests with the county. These inspections were completed after the purchase of the properties. Neither the BLWPD board at the time nor the incumbent were forthcoming with this information. Once you read the reports, you’ll understand why they didn’t want to tell anyone. The incumbent personally chose and negotiated the purchase of the properties. This is a further illustration of what happens when proper planning and due diligence isn’t completed, and the incumbent embraces her “my way or the highway” policy. 

The future dog park property that the incumbent likes to advertise doesn’t currently have access on Hwy 49 because the pond stretches across the frontage and doesn’t leave room for a public road. And the second parcel that was purchased to provide access to the future dog park doesn’t meet SCDOT safety requirements and separation distances for commercial access because its too close to the Timberlake Subdivision entrance and too close to the bridge next to the new church. And if that isn’t enough, there is a large creek to cross that just drives up the cost.

District 2 deserves leadership with the experience and knowledge to get things done and not create additional boondoggles and waste taxpayer funds. Vote Andy Litten for York County Council.