Why Am I Running?

This is usually one of the first questions a candidate is asked when they decide to run for office. What has surprised me is that so many of the people I talk to from District 2 are already acutely aware of the issues we have in District 2 that have prompted me to run.

Small Business has been neglected in our District. One thing I hear over & over is that the current leadership on council only listens to a small group of  friends and supporters. I plan to be A Voice For ALL, not just a few in D2.

As an engineer with over 20 years of experience I know that our infrastructure affects many aspects of our quality of life. While traffic and lower utility bills are 2 items I hear a lot about, Improving and modernizing infrastructure can positively affect many other aspects of a community.

District 2 has the best school district in York County. As the next Councilman for District 2 I will work to restore positive relationships and communication with our school district and support our schools.

Electronic megaphone with speech bubble on red background


  • Open honest & transparent communication
  • Public meetings that actually encourage participation
    • Held at adequate venues | Small venues will never be used to purposely limit audience size.
    • Answer questions honestly without adversarial responses, I’ll never be wagging my finger in the face of the people I serve.
  • Social Media
    • No blocking constituents or comments (exception: when legally permitted i.e. attacking minor children).
  • Voice for all
    • Remove fear of political retribution for holding your leaders accountable.

What has truly shocked me is the number of people that have expressed a fear of retaliation if they support me publicly. This has to stop! That is not leadership…its Tyranny! 


Infrastructure has far reaching effects on a community, it affects many aspects of our life. Especially quality of life.

  • We need jobs and economic growth in District 2, how do we attract them?
    • 1st thing a company asks when considering moving to an area. How’s your Infrastructure capacity.
  • Work to get our infrastructure improvements done sooner instead of causing years of delays and costing you the taxpayer by dragging out these projects.
  • I want to work to remove burdensome regulations that limit the economic freedoms of anyone looking to start a business or move one here. The 660’ separation rule & changing zoning for code rewrite are great examples of overreach.
  • Let our Pennies for Progress Program work the way it was designed…To take politics out of the process of choosing which roads are improved in what order.


“Our leaders need to get out of the way of the will of the people they serve”

traffic jam
woman over utility bills, mentally crunching numbers mounting electricity, water, and internet bills
Yellow traffic light against blue sky
Architect man Design Working on Blueprint and Engineers are helping to design work on blueprints .
  • As an engineer I welcome consideration of innovative technology to improve our infrastructure performance and capacity. 
    • Synchronized signals for the control of traffic is one solution that has been discussed already.
  • We need experience when considering large purchases like water systems, properties for greenspace, & particularly properties with dated structures
    • Due diligence would help avoid costly errors like failing to recognize the sewer lines in certain areas would fall on the property owners to repair lines under their streets. Thanks Senators Johnson & Climer.
    • We can’t afford to pay overinflated prices for delapidated structures that we can only guess what surprises lay in wait for us once we begin to renovate.
    • As an engineer I am the candidate best suited to this task.
  • Lastly Parks and Greenspaces are great additions to any area. When they function properly. 
    • Our park district has sat with empty board seats despite having qualified applicants ever since the county had to suspend their events due to improper operation.
    •  listening to meetings on the matter…the only reason is that the incumbent does not “Want” certain applicants. Listen to Audio HERE
    • The fact is…appointing ‘friends’ is what got us in the situation that caused park district events to be suspended. Read HERE
    • Leaving board seats empty is not conservative leadership.
  • We need leadership that is open, honest, transparent and seeks to eliminate even the appearance of questionable ethics and cronyism.
Sun shining in rain drops alt sunset in nature
dog in the park
Mixed-race multiethnic school students pupils schoolchildren coming back to school after holidays

Support For The Best School District In York County

We have the best school district in York County. We need to work together to support the work that they do. The future of any community is a direct reflection of the quality of education provided by its schools.

  • Consider funding sources other counties have already implemented to pay for new school construction.
  • Work to Increase impact fees as soon as possible.
  • Lower bond amounts which affect everyone’s tax bill.
  • Work to get our school projects completed faster, not work to slow their progress. It’s like the #fielddayPark delays all over again.
  • Growth pays for growth.