About Andy

I grew up in Burlington, NC. My parents worked in the mills until they closed in the 1990s. I worked in the mill during high school. I attended NC State University and received a degree in Civil Engineering. After College, I moved to the Charlotte area and spent 11 years designing water, sewer, storm water, and roadway infrastructure for surrounding municipalities and counties. For a short period of time, I designed subdivisions and commercial sites until 2008. I’m currently the Engineering and Operations Manager at Chester Metropolitan District (the public water supplier for Chester County and the local cities and towns) where my responsibilities include long-range planning, design, customer service, and regulatory compliance.

I’ve lived in York County since 2003 and in District 2 since 2016. I’ve been married for 19 years and have two sons aged 12 and 13. They sing in chorus and Talon at Oakridge Middle School and play sports with the Lake Wylie Athletic Association. We’ve been active members of Oakdale Baptist Church in Rock Hill for 10 years and volunteer on many of the committees. We also have a one-year old, Havanese dog named Lola. Lola is spoiled-rotten and loves to go on car and boat rides.

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