Smart Responsible Growth

As your next District 2 Councilman I will…

  • Work to complete planned infrastructure improvements as quickly as possible, not cause needless delays that cost you the taxpayer millions.
  • Improve infrastructure to attract high paying jobs to District 2 to help curb traffic and increase our tax base.
  • Remove burdensome regulations that limit economic opportunity for example the 660′ seperation rule.
  • Allow Pennies For Progress to work as designed…to keep politics from interfering with the will of the people.
  • Consider innovative technology for traffic control such as synchronized signals, etc.
  • Practice due diligence when county funds are spent to prevent costly bailouts by the taxpayers. For example the $20 million secured by our senators Johnson and Climer to cover sewer repairs under some roads after the Blue Granite purchase.
  • Appointing qualified applicants to vacant park district board seats that eliminate even the appearance of cronyism or unethical behavior.


Repair the broken pipe for domestic water on the mud ground.

Infrastructure We Can Grow Into...

District 2 is long overdue for infrastructure improvements. Improving infrastructure is key to attracting job producing business to District 2. Even though current development was planned many years ago, improvements to existing infrastructure have met resistance at the county level. Now is the time for planning and constructing the necessary infrastructure improvements to protect our current quality of life and removing burdensome regulations and overreach that limit our business opportunity.  

Smart Growth, Not Overreach

Smart responsible growth can co-exist with  economic opportunities and preservation of our natural resources and greenspace. Let’s start by appointing qualified board members to the park district board. Growth is a good thing especially when experienced leaders utilize the tools at their disposal to facilitate smart responsible growth instead of using our roads and the best school district in the county as tools to inhibit growth.

File Folders with words Compliance, Policies, Regulations, Violations, Procedures and Documentation

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