Open & Transparent

As District 2 Councilman I will…

  • Commit to public townhall meetings that encourage participation and input from those attending.
  • Seek venues for meetings with the capacity to accomodate as many constituents that express an interest in attending. Not utilizing venue size as a tool to limit participation.
  • Share information via social media online without limiting or blocking constituents from commenting without proper cause such as attacks on minor children.
  • Will communicate with constituents in a professional courteous manner, even when we disagree.
  • Be transparent, accountable, and truthful to the constituents of District 2.
  • Work to remove any fear of political retribution that comes with questioning me or my decisions. This is exactly the behavior that erodes trust in our leaders. 
dachshund dog in park

A Voice For All...

I want to improve communication with the citizens of York County Council District 2. As your Councilman I will commit to frequent easily accessible meetings that allow the constituents to voice concerns and make information freely available and transparent.  As District 2 Councilman I will post information regularly to our social media and always allow for the constituents of district 2 to reply & leave comments. Communication is key to accountable leadership.

No More Finger Wagging...

Now is the time for experienced leadership that will focus on removing obstacles to free & open communication.

The difference is clear, I’m running to work for you, not against you.

It’s time for leadership that hears all of us…

Not just A Few in D2.